The Art of Living Sideways in GoldenRide

jucheee summer time is beach reading time and i finally got hold of a copy from the latest goldenride issue. while hiding away high up in the mountains the awesome goldenride magazine was published. in it a two double spread interview where anita fuchs askes me some deep going questions about my latest book: the art of living sideways. get your copy here and check it out.


Skateboard Workshops

bavarian summer holiday are on and we are READY! Come and join us for skateboard workshops on long and short decks or sign up your kid under skateboardworkshop.de


Conflict Transformaton, Acton Sports & Therapy

next week i will be presenting a 20minute PeaceTalk at the 1st innsbruck academic festival of many peaces. during this presentation i will be sharing my latest research on the fusion of elicitive conflict transformation, action sports and psychotherapy. 

after the PeaceTalk there will be a 10minute Q&A session and i am looking forward to seeing many of you for a fruitful discussion. start is 9.30am at the grillhofweg 100 in vill by innsbruck. for more visit here.