Roll-Laden Zürich just stocked my book

jiiiiihaaaaa the art of living sideways is now also available at switzerland's most epic skate shop: the roll-laden! and i am not saying this because they just stocked my book, although this is for sure another reason for their epicness. for those of you who do not know yet; the shop in the konradstrasse 72 not only supports the skateboard family since ever, roll-laden also donates 1% of their early turnover to a philanthropic project. also not to forget the excellent service as well as the grand collection of decks, wheels, trucks and all the schnick schnack you can dream off. 

drop in. get the book. support your local skate shop and ride out.


GoldenRide interview now online

previously the goldenride magazine interview was only available in the original print version. now it is online as well.  anita fuchs asks me about my latest book: the art of living sideways and we talk about peace work in the 21st century. in particular that peace work should be concerned with unfolding the potential inherent to all of us and how skateboarding plays a part in this.  the interview is in german but google translate might be able to help.

Rastplatz - A mobile kitchen for refugees

rastplatz means literally "a place to rest" in german.  a friend of mine and his crew will be traveling to the balcans in the orange vw bus that is home to a mobile kitchen. their mission is to support the thousands of people who flee conflict areas. they already collected money for 1000 meals. however they still need 2,500EUR to complete their funding goal. please donate on betterplace

here is more from rastplatz: 
There is an increase of people fleeing conflict areas over the Balkans towards EU countries. Some places are having to accommodate hundreds or up to thousands of people because they cannot continue the journey or because they need to take a rest. They have left many challenges behind but new ones are ahead of them. Despite strong efforts of humanitarian and development aid organizations, they are not able to be present everywhere. The situation is both depressing and shameful. We want to contribute to supporting these people in their struggle.