Fresh fruits & Freestyle moves

photo: deingorilla.de

pike preview behind the scene of a regular gorilla.de workshop: 7:00 am and the team is shredding fruit and veg at a primary school, somewhere in berlin. #healtyfood #freestylesportsinschools #crewlove


Uga-Uga Team Spirit.

photo: deingorilla.de
magic gorilla team power cycle before heading into prison for a special workshop with the detainees from the juvenile prison this morning. #healtyfoodforprisoners #peaceforprisoners #alternativejustic


Freestyle Sport for Refugees!

i am back on tour with the awesome gorilla.de gang! and will be sharing their blog entries here for the next couple of days. we teach skateboarding, longboarding, break-dance, freestyle frisbee & freestyle football in schools across germany, all combined with a healthy attitude for food and a balance between action and movement. yesterday we where at the vocational school in landshut with a special focus on: #sportforrefugees!