workshops workshop, 2015. photo: jo hempel

i teach skateboarding on long and short decks. sometimes combined with cooking, yoga, arts and english education or without. her are some of the workshops i have been part of over the last couple of years. a van, a fun crew and a stack of long and short boards. its the oldest & raddest skateboard school in germany and we got all the skateboards in the munich area covered. check out the homepage for workshop dates. & Freestyle Sports, good food and educational session for a sustainable future. GORILLA encompasses in addition to various prevention modules for schools, day workshops for up to 120 pupils, with or without a physical and / or mental disabilities, no matter from what socio-political background. we do it together. 

ride breathe eat. yoga session, longboard workshops and healthy food.

graphic: daniela bily

reclaim the city festival is a thee day festival in linz combining street sports and arts for young people to reclaim space and participation in their city. 

women longboard camp instructs ladies on all things needed to go down hill on steep and not so steep roads with style and fun. 

women longboard camp, 2012. photo: petra moser

Gorilla teaches healthy eating and freestylesports to kids in swiss and german schools. i was helping out with the cooking, dietetics and "healty" eating talks
2012. photo: ramón königshausen

skateistan combines education and sports to create change for children in afghanistan, cambodia and south africa.  i was with skateistan in kabul in 2009, 2010 and 2012 to teach and to help out with everything that was needed. 
 skateistan english class in kabul, 2009  photo: skateistan



Labnny said...

Awesome post !
Really amazing !skateistan combines education and sports to create change for children in afghanistan?????
Thanks !

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